Jungle Scout is an online product research tool and Google Chrome extension created by Greg Mercer in 2015 to help make Amazon sellers find the best products, keywords, and data relevant to selling on Amazon. Prior to the launch of Jungle Scout, doing product research for Amazon products was tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient. What took sellers hours to accomplish, by way of spreadsheets, and daily recon, now takes minutes. The processed has been enhanced, simplified, and streamlined with Jungle Scout (JS.) Dare I say it's even fun with Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout can be utilized in two mediums; the online platform and the Chrome browser extension. The former is best for in depth searchers, analysis, browsing, and data crunching. The latter is best for seeing the data of specific products on Amazon, one at a time. You can opt for either/or, but I highly recommend both. Together, they make product research essentially effortless compared to the dark ages of having to crunch data manually and/or rely on incomplete and uncertain calculations.

It's almost like the difference between having access to an online bank account, where all of the information for all of your transactions are viewable in one place, and the math of your deposits and withdrawals is already done, vs having to balance your checkbook by hand, make lists of all your transactions, perform the math yourself, and make phone calls every time you needed information on a particular transaction. Not a perfect analogy, but you get the picture. No doubt it's the future of product research.

The features and search metrics are practically endless. Just to name a few, one can research monthly sale and revenue, category/product/seller rankings, cost/profit calculation, FBA fee estimation, opportunity score, product & supply databases, niche finders, keyword research, and much more. And the search metrics are vast. Search by price, name, category, potential profit, popularity, competition, and much more. The capabilities and versatility of the platform can seem overwhelming. Luckily they are intuitive, well organized, and there is no shortage of training material and tutorials online (both from Jungle Scout, and from third parties & other FBA sellers.) You can even takes courses for it on Udemy, and many FBA courses have modules dedicated exclusively to Jungle Scout.

Obviously this is not a free platform. Monthly fees run from $29 to about $84, depending on plan and contract term. But truly, if you use the platform to its full potential, these are literal pennies compared to time and money that it can save you. Amazon FBA typically requires time and capital to get started, much more so than say a drop shipping business model. That means it's in the vested interest of an amazonpreneur to invest a little bit of money in tools and software that can inform them of the best ways to invest their capital and their time. In other words, whatever the cost of Jungle Scout, it is only a tiny percentage of the money and time (that is, money and money,) that it will save you. From a business standpoint, it's kind of a no brainer. Especially given the free two week trial. Now you really don't have an excuse.

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