Commission Hero

Commission Hero is an Affiliate Marketing Course by Robby Blanchard, one of the TOP Clickbank affiliates in the world. (Currently doing about $1,000,000 per MONTH on Clickbank.) And in January of 2019, he actually was the top earner of all Clickbank affiliates. In the Commission Hero course, Robby teaches you how to follow suit and promote profitable Clickbank products, typically via Facebook.

Marketing course are somewhat ubiquitous of late, and most of the are dubious at best. But many of Robby's students have reported wild (verified) success by following the methods in his training course, many of whom managed to build their budding business to 4 or 5 figured in just the first couple months. And given that Robby himself is raking in 7 figures a month in Clickbank commissions alone, it's hard to be skeptical.

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